Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scorching Spell?

Seems that we've been under a heat or scorching spell at home (I apparated away from Hogwarts to tend to family matters)... Over 100 degrees here, which finally broke last night. Now if only to deal with the very large tree across the back yard that came down in last week's storm (which also took out power). My muggle spouse spent most of Sunday taking smaller limbs off the top of the tree, alongside of our neighbor ('twas his tree which fell). There's still 30 feet of trunk and another 20 feet of larger branches to be dealt with. And I'm not helping due to a strange bone malady that I've made a visit to St. Mungo's for, as Madam Pomfrey wasn't able to help.

In other Hogwarts news: I am making progress on my Swap kit for my spoilee. Hoping to be done with that shortly. A winner was selected for the latest Gryffindor house quiz (!) and we're working on the next one already.

Gryffindors: Hope to see you all in Common Room on Thursday at 5pET

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Ophelia Ballycastle said...

Hiya Centy. Where does your Muggle Family live? We are having a lovely 85 degree here in the desert but tomorrow will be in the 100s we have the strangest weather I have ever seen this year. I have lived here all my life and I've never seen it go from jacket to shorts like it has been this spring. You never know what your in for here. We have already broken 110.
You could always hollow out the log and let a gnomb live in it.