Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been spoiled!

Today is a dreary wet day, and I've a bit of a cold. But look! Andromache Tonks has spoiled me!

The box is opened to reveal a lovely note and some very nice stitch markers and

And here's the haul

What an amazing spoiler! Peaches and cream in a sunny fun color, and the Opal sock in Dumbledore (squee!) that I'd been wanting. A handsewn bag (love the colors!) and a GORGEOUS crocheted bag. Tasty snacks include yogurt covered gummi bears and peppermint bark (love it), some personalized bookplates, and a long Addi lace for making two at a time socks/magic loop. And patterns, including Elphine which I'd been wanting to do, and toe up cast on and knitting two at a time sock info. And the Magic Mirror socks! I'd not seen that patt before but it looks like fun. And those beads - I'm looking forward to what those will become.

Thanks so much Andi!! You're the best. I've sent your Owl back to Portland.


Andromache Tonks said...

Wow, I think my owl deserves some good rest and relaxation after getting that package to you THAT quickly! I'm so glad you like everything. Full disclosure: while that sewn bag is handmade, it was not handmade by me (thank you, Etsy!). The crocheted bag, on the other hand, is a completely original creation--I made it up as I went along, according to a picture and specifications I had in my head. :D

The Peaches & Cream + beads were a last-minute addition acquired on a trip through Joann's on the way to the post office (they're in the same parking lot, I couldn't resist). When I realized that the things I was collecting not only all matched each other, but they went along with the colors I'd already put together for you...they had to go in the box.

Hermione Bagnold said...

Wow!!! What a great package!