Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 2 - Learning and Lessons

I've been enjoying the start of term. Our students are settling in and settling down a bit. And while I miss nurturing the Transfiguration abilities of all student, I must note those of the Weasley twins in days gone past (and I do miss Fred). I shall not missing seeing the results of their creativity. I'm hoping that we don't see any further evidence of purchases from Weasleys' Wizardly Wheezes in Diagon Alley. I passed by someone's molted feathers from a close encounter with a Canary Cream only this morning!

On to other events - the Hogwarts Swap. I was pleased to see Cliodna Hopkirk won the Ravenclaw Quiz from last week. Well done! I am working on an enchanting felted bag - a pattern I stumbled onto while working on some mittens from the same book. I'm working with a yarn I've not yet felted before. I suppose I must swatch before finishing the bag, to make sure it doesn't felt too much.

I just got back from a Muggle grocery store, one I stopped at prior to taking a portkey back from our family home in Christmas Island. The grocery had an irresistible looking black forest cake. I'm one for any dark chocolate and fruit combination, so into my shopping sack went the cake. Now if only I can resist it until Wednesday night's get together in the Ravenclaw common room. I'm interesting in hearing what everyone thought the answer to the riddle we received with today's owl is....

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