Monday, April 13, 2009


Merlin's beard! My kit arrived - and IT IS A M A Z I N G
First! The bag - purple and green. My faves :)

Inside the bag (lined AND a pocket!)

And the haul

2 Hiya Hiyas (bamboo and steel, size 0), Eucalan, Sheep Shop gorgeous yarn for some lovely handwarmers (which I will knit and wear in Paris like in the photo!), HP Time Turner, a bookmarker needle sizer/gauge stick, dark pearl stitch markers and dark chocolate cabernet cherries (will have to hide those from the Hub); DPN tubes (needed those) and a nifty Knit pin.

I love love love it all!

Thanks to my wonderful spoiler, Fleur!


Hermione Bagnold said...

It looks great! LOVE the bag! :D

Violet Starfire said...

great stuff! u were really spoiled!

setembrina said...

looks around the room, sees no one....
grabs Centy's yarn and runs back to dorm....