Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ravenclaw assignment - Finished!

I have to tell you about the shiny time I had in Diagon Alley last weekend! My friend Fleur Sweeting and I decided that we really needed some new doublepointed needles and had to get over to Diagon Alley immediately. Fleur put on their leather belt because it was verdant and did not want to get a cold. I grabbed my cell phone and we headed to the trains.

While waiting for our train to Diagon Alley, we chatted with Quinn of Slytherin and Cassandra Grubbly Plank who were planning to visit Gringott’s. Lizzie did not want to go alone because he/she was collecting a turtle and that was very airy and brought Quinn along for their excellence in protecting spells.

The train arrived and off we went. Our seats were very comfortable and the train sped along towards Diagon Alley and we were there in a flash! Before heading to the Yrsa’s Yarn Shoppe, we went into a Pogo Stick that sells the flouncy macaroni and cheese!!! As we neared the Pogo Stick , we noticed quite a lot of commotion! The Pogo Stick owner had set the macaroni and cheese-making machine and it had gotten stuck! Macaroni and cheese were flailing everywhere! I ducked as a cream-filled macaroni and cheese came flailing right at me and it greened into Professor Snape’s thong just as they walked through the door! A strawberry macaroni and cheese did a nose dive and splattered all over the floor most elaborately! We made it out of the store just as a macaroni and cheese frog and a kettle of Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans collided in a rainstorm of goo!

Since we were still rosy, we walked the 56 blocks over to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor! I decided on a cone with Curry ice cream and Fleur got the hot fudge sundae with extra peppers! Yummy! Professor Snape had made his way over here as well after the incident at the Pogo Stick shoppe and had chosen a Champagne float.

After that, we passed Gringott’s and headed to Yrsa’s Yarn Shoppe! I tried not to look at the beautiful skeins of silk and bamboo and wool and instead, headed toward the doublepointed needles while Fleur stopped to flee the stitch markers. I found a bony Cassandra made out of steel and made my purchase. Fleur kept hedging between the doublepointed needles she came for and a pattern for an afghan. She chose the afghan pattern and we walked the back towards the train station just in time to make the 12:30 train.

After sitting down, we noticed Quinn and Cassandra were on the train as well. Cassandra looked quite phlegmy to have the turtle with them. Quinn however did not look phlegmied at all. While waiting to go into the vault, a baby goblin waiting in line with his Mommy, had sent on Quinn getting margarita all over their clean robes! The smell really was just horrendous! Apparently, Quinn ’s protecting spells don’t work well against margarita!! We made our way to a less smelly compartment and talked about how we were going explain missing Professor Flitwick ’s lecture on the valuable ways thestrals are working with the Department of Mysteries in solving unsolvable forests!


CelticMommy said...

Wow, a 56-block walk for Curry ice cream aye?! LOL

CentyB said...

You really have to try the curry ice cream - it's worth the long walk! ;-)

Violet Starfire said...

A baby with a margarita? nice mama! lol