Monday, May 12, 2008

Roar, roar!

Calling all Gryffindors! The term has started, and I hope you're checking the main HSKS5 page, as well as your HSKS5 provided email accounts. We're already accumulating house and personal points, so keep checking the blog to make sure you aren't missing any assignments.

Please join us in the Gryffindor common room, on Wednesday night (just two days time!) for our first get together. Please contact Miss Morgana Black, our Prefect, or me if you need the password. It is no longer 'Balderdash'. I'm still looking for votes on when we should have our weekly Common Room meeting - there are 24 of us, and only 8 votes posted!

And students should note that it is less than dignified to intentionally obtain a detention with our new (cough, yummy, cough) Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. Remember what happened last term.


Ronnica said...

See you then! :)

Gryffinitter said...

I was at swimming with my house elf and had to come in after everyone was gone, but I did vote in the poll for a time I could chat.

Just wandering around saying hello, since I am a first year and don't know everyone...

Belladonna Boomslang