Saturday, May 10, 2008

Waiting for Caractacus

My owl Caractacus is out and about and I'm waiting on his return with news of my swap partner. Good thing I found him some nice lunch prior to his departure today, as he'll be flying a long way to gather my message and bring it back to Hogwarts. I'll bet he'll be seeing other Hogwarts students owls on his journey as well.

OHN (Other Hogwarts News): With the start of term, I'm moved into Gryffindor now, after the Sorting Hat seemed to suffer a malfunction (which I know it's not capable of) and sorted me from Ravenclaw. I will miss my 'Claw friends and I will do my best to help our Prefect, Miss Morgana Black. Off to write up my Transfiguration class plans. I'm wondering which students I'll be seeing in class ...

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Fiera Firenze said...

I will be in your Transfiguration class! I can't wait! :)